About me

Welcome to my website Gallery Arnold.

Painting is for me an amazing relax, during which I transfer to canvas their feelings and positive mood. For his abstract paintings use bright colors that have a positive effect on our perception. I strive to make my paintings have a positive effect.

The creation of the French professional use acrylic paint, to a lesser extent, oil. Each image is provided with a protective varnish which protects the color and the image surface.

Paintings you can choose for yourself, your friends and your friends, family members or business partners. They are also suitable decoration cafes, guest houses or hotels. It is possible to create a single image in a variety of colors that subsequently these paintings adorned the walls different colors conceived apartments or rooms. I like to create an image of your choice.

If you get the picture from my gallery, you will contribute to the Foundation Dog Emergency

which I contribute regularly and my four-legged friend is here VIP Patron Fund. In return I will tell then, for what purpose was your contribution amount used and who helped. Thank you all in advance.